Many of Richard Honikman’s clients are multiple repeats, even to the second generation.

Clients comment about his work

 “Richard Honikman has been involved with us on many projects ... property developments for our family business, or family homes. He has an ability to understand our requirements and translate them into both visual design and successul project development.” 

Eckhard Marshing, CEO ACA Group, whose father was also a client.   Read more

 “Over the last seven yearsRichard Honikman has worked twice on my behalfWe were overjoyed with the results. the design was perfect and exceeded all expectations.”  

Dr. David Gotlieb.   Read more

 “He loves his work and creates friends of his clients. He’s meticulous and professional in his approach and has been known to move heaven and earth to achieve a dream.”

Louise Parr.   Read more

 “You surely know how pleased we have beenThank you for your attention to detail, your sensitivity to the existing fabric and your concern to respond appropriately. Not only have your changes made the house immensely liveable but to this day they give me a lift.” 

Jean Carey Nuttall.   Read more

 “Pieter Toerien enlisted architect Richard Honikman, who had previously worked on his house and who, according to Pieter, knows how he thinks: ‘I briefed Richard and he got it right away.'

From Property Magazine November 2011, an article about Theatre Place, Camps Bay.   


About budget and project management

 “…the project is managed professionally, the quality of work is what you expect and the project remains within the financial budget that was set.”

Eckhard Marshing.

“He has managed to stay within budget. This was managed on both property developments…probably the most important thing for the client.”

Dr David Gotlieb.


About designing elegant buildings that work

“When designing factory or office buildings, the designs have always been pleasing to the eye. However, practicality and functionality have never been compromised by design ego… This has very much to do with the fact that Richard has very solid engineering skills…”

Eckhart Marshing.

“He has an ability to understand the needs of the client, imagine the design as per those needs, and meet the requirements of the environment.”

Dr. David Gotlieb.


His working relationships with builders

Allen Bodill, of Allen Bodill Construction CC and President of the Master Builders Association of the Western Cape 2011 , says he has  “ done many projects with Richard Honikman over 25 years,…most frequently in the luxury housing sector…Clients at this level are sophisticated and demanding of the overall design and financial administration of their projects. Richard consistently excels.” Read more.

“He has an extraordinary relationship with the builders involved.”

Dr David Gotlieb.

“Because of his many years of experience Richard has surrounded himself with many quality people, i.e. builders, craftsmen etc., another key factor for the success of any building project.”

Eckhart Marshing.

Recognition from the architectural profession

  • Awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the Cape Institute for Architecture.
  • Past president of the Cape Institute for Architecture and is on the National Practice Committee of the South African Institute for Architecture.
  • Called upon to mediate and adjudicate between other architects and clients (both private and government).
  • Architecture South Africa 2010 article entitled House Jowell, Kalk Bay... and thoughts on the horizontal house by Jean Carey Nuttall:  “What lifts this house above the ordinary? While there is functional simplicity and legibility and, as a consequence of these qualities, a significant liveability, there is more.

Low in profile, modest in presentation, it offers an undeniable quality of architectural finesse. The relationship of the carefully dimensioned living spaces; a compatibility achieved in the manner of their linkage; the lift of the ceiling plane and the movement axis opened up from the outside terrace, into and through the house and out once again to the west – all contribute to this.”

Academic work

He has for many years acted as external examiner of the Simulated Office Project for final year students of the M.Arch degree at UCT School of Architecture.

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